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Welcome to Rembrandts Fine Dining in the historic Hotel Senator. Relax in an intimate old world one of a kind Victorian atmosphere, and indulge in your favourite cuisine as your worries melt away.

-Chris Beavis (Restaurant Owner)





Most of the locals already begin their day here. So, if you are a tourist, make sure to visit us. With pleasant ambience around, we have a list of tasty dishes that will make your day great. Our coffee is the best in town. Trust us!



Are you hungry like a wolf? Rembrandts is then your place. With tasty dishes to enjoy, we bring the entire world to your table, and you can devour them in one go. 



Dine and drink at the same place, Rembrandts has a bar attached to it. Looking for a quiet hub to dine or a place to party hard, we have it all set for you.  Also, do not forget to taste our delicious desserts, they are simply the best in the world. 

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5 Essential Step To Mastering Table Manners

Practicing dinner etiquette has become common not just in royal houses but also at corporate dinners. The process of following a protocol in every meal doesn’t just end with the host. It extends to the guest as well. Table manners are one of the things that most of us fail to follow rightly. So here are some of the things that you will have to keep in mind to avoid embarrassment when you are going to be a part of a dinner or a meal.

Unfold the napkins rightly:

Unfolding the napkins placed in front of you is the first thing once the host is done giving the toast or if the signal to begin the meal arrives either from the host or the hostess, where in most cases it is the host. You might naturally never spill the food around, but you are always expected to sport the napkin. This way you are also making others feel good and clean. Also remember, wearing a napkin doesn’t give you the liberty to spill food and make a mess.

Use the tableware appropriately:

Following the napkin procedure, you shall also learn to use the utensils appropriately. There are different ways of placing the cutlery, and the way you place them indicates if you are taking a break or done with your means. It is always right to hold the fork with the left hand and knife with your right this way eating becomes comfortable. Other dishes are placed on the plate and begin the meal by bringing them one by one in.


Begin with all:

Do not be hasty or fussy. Once the host signals that the meal shall begin, go along with all and start the meal. This signal depends on the place that you visit. But regardless, they will make it evident, and you are supposed to begin the meal with all in unison. Do not taste the food ahead of others. You need not have to eat everything that is placed. Eat what you like and ignore the rest.

Pass the dishes the right way:

In a large table where there aren’t any to serve or if it is a tradition for the guests to help themselves, always make sure that you pass the food to the person on your right and then it shall, in the same way, come to an end. Always pass the pepper and salt together. In case if you begin serving an uncut loaf, slice a few pieces give it to the person on to your left, serve yourself and then pass the loaf to the person on your right.

End with all:

Make sure to close the dinner with everybody else and do not be in haste to leave the place. You are a guest, and you are expected to be with everybody and socialize without embarrassing one another. Just like the way it began, here it is usually the hostess who ends the meal. She leaves her napkin aside, rises and announces that the guests can retire and leave to another room to enjoy other desserts and snacks.

Make Your Own DIY Dining Room Table In 4 Simple Steps

Tables aren’t just useful things, but they are pretty things as well. A considerable number of us prefer tables as they pretty much fortify a lot of our everyday requirements. There would be no house without a table, and it is one of the most important accessories in the house. Good quality tables are pretty expensive these days, and it is important that you have an eye on the cost factor as well. However, it would be nice if you can make tables on your own, but is that possible? Yes, it is with our DIY ideas. So here are some of the best DIY tips and ideas that will help you accessorize your house with your own table.

What do you need?

To build a simple wooden table you will need you will need whiteboards, hammer. Spacers, wood glue, wooden table legs with pre-installed hanger bolts, measuring tape, driller, wood screw, tack cloth, sponge brushes, rubber gloves, wood stain, electric sander, sandpaper and water-based polyurethane.

Once you have this make sure to have a look at the measurements as well. The wooden legs have to 24 inches long, and you will need 4. The whiteboards that you have must be cut into pieces that are 10 feet long one by sixth boards cut into half and one board that is 8 foot long one by four board cut into 3 pieces each measuring 25-inches. You will also need 15 wooden screws that measure about 11/4. Do not forget the plate top of table legs. You will need for of that as well. If you aren’t aware of what spacers are they are simply known as quarters that create a beautiful pattern when you assemble the wood pieces.

The making process:

Once you have assembled all that you need to make sure to that you start the working process.

Step 1: Assemble

The first thing that you will have to do is to assemble the boards. You are supposed to use your spacers in the beginning part itself. However, it is your choice. You can either choose to use it or not, but using spacers will make the table look better once the entire process is done. Now assemble the 5-foot whiteboards and link them together with the boards that we have measured for 25-inches.

Note: After completing the above task make sure that you use wood glue to complete the linking process. This way you can make sure that the table stays strong. Apply glue to one side and let it dry. Flip the board and repeat the process.

Step 2: Fixing is incomplete without the screws

Let the glue dry on both the sides and then fix the screws in the corners and also in the area where the attachments are made. There are totally three support boards fixed so far if you have made the earlier process right. You will need like 5 screws on each of the three boards, each of the screw places at least 3 inches apart.

Step 3: Fix the foot

Once you are done with the table top, the next work is to fix the legs. There are different legs ideas that a table can have. Depending on the convenience of the user and the look of the house you can fix them accordingly. Here we have gone for wooden ones. They will have to be fixed.

Step 4: Finish the look

To finish the look of the table, you will need to do three things.

  1. Use the sandpaper to finish the edges
  2. Stain the table generously and let the coat rest overnight. Use a sponge brush.
  3. Finally, apply the water-based polyurethane using a sponge brush preferably the second one.

Stewart Williams

Rembrandt’s Fine Dining & Wine Bar located in the historic Hotel Senator presents an intimate unique Victorian setting for your dining experience. History abounds, Dine in Saskatoon’s most historic and grand dining room, over 102 years old!

Drop into Rembrandt’s famous wine bar for a glass of your favorite libation and relax in our cosy hide away.