Practicing dinner etiquette has become common not just in royal houses but also at corporate dinners. The process of following a protocol in every meal doesn’t just end with the host. It extends to the guest as well. Table manners are one of the things that most of us fail to follow rightly. So here are some of the things that you will have to keep in mind to avoid embarrassment when you are going to be a part of a dinner or a meal.

Unfold the napkins rightly:

Unfolding the napkins placed in front of you is the first thing once the host is done giving the toast or if the signal to begin the meal arrives either from the host or the hostess, where in most cases it is the host. You might naturally never spill the food around, but you are always expected to sport the napkin. This way you are also making others feel good and clean. Also remember, wearing a napkin doesn’t give you the liberty to spill food and make a mess.

Use the tableware appropriately:

Following the napkin procedure, you shall also learn to use the utensils appropriately. There are different ways of placing the cutlery, and the way you place them indicates if you are taking a break or done with your means. It is always right to hold the fork with the left hand and knife with your right this way eating becomes comfortable. Other dishes are placed on the plate and begin the meal by bringing them one by one in.


Begin with all:

Do not be hasty or fussy. Once the host signals that the meal shall begin, go along with all and start the meal. This signal depends on the place that you visit. But regardless, they will make it evident, and you are supposed to begin the meal with all in unison. Do not taste the food ahead of others. You need not have to eat everything that is placed. Eat what you like and ignore the rest.

Pass the dishes the right way:

In a large table where there aren’t any to serve or if it is a tradition for the guests to help themselves, always make sure that you pass the food to the person on your right and then it shall, in the same way, come to an end. Always pass the pepper and salt together. In case if you begin serving an uncut loaf, slice a few pieces give it to the person on to your left, serve yourself and then pass the loaf to the person on your right.

End with all:

Make sure to close the dinner with everybody else and do not be in haste to leave the place. You are a guest, and you are expected to be with everybody and socialize without embarrassing one another. Just like the way it began, here it is usually the hostess who ends the meal. She leaves her napkin aside, rises and announces that the guests can retire and leave to another room to enjoy other desserts and snacks.